A doctor is….

A doctor is a Medical Expert,

a Scholar,
a Professional,
a Health Advocate,
a good communicator, collaborator &

This piece from EMA-Gondar branch office portrays just that!


As a medical student I have had the chance to be mentored by doctors who inspire their students to serve the community walking the extra miles.
In commemoration of the National doctor’s day I can’t just pick a story of one doctor because there are plenty out there .And thus, I will let you have a grasp about amazing doctors we have in University of Gondar.
‘Service above self’ right? In places where you practice medicine without fully protecting yourself from possible contracting of diseases , you have to spend days doing all you can to save patients’ lives with minimal or no personal protective equipments. If this is not a service above self then I don’t know what is.
Let me walk you through some exemplary deeds from our college :
It has now become a trend to form a team of professionals for First-Aid service every Timket at different sites in Gondar. This was started by one of the surgeons and each year lots of doctors volunteer to attend the festival getting ready to help the society in case of casualties. I have personally witnessed the tremendous impact this service had at the unfortunate casualty that occurred December/2012.
It is not unusual to see our senior doctors lending hands to those in need. There are lots of amazing doctors who take part in charity programs. Doctors from almost all departments donate to fund raisings for different purposes and I know senior doctors who give free services at their own clinic for those who can’t afford to get medical attention.
Although it is uncommon to see medical doctors holding administrative positions, I have come across doctors who held Managerial positions, walking the extra miles when the pandemic was a big public health issue troubling our college after health professionals were quarantined.
Medical school hasn’t been an easy road and we encounter lots of obstacles but our good mentors shine a ray of hope when we we were dismayed. It’s plenty refreshing to have someone who walks the talk and quiet inspirational too!
With all the negativity around us and lots of people pointing fingers at professionals, a little bit of positivity and acknowledgement seemed a good option to commemorate the day.

Happy doctor’s day!
A Medical Intern from University of Gondar.