Strategic Pillars that are Part of Core (Program) Functions

1. Enhancing membership management,

2. Developing EMA’s institutional capacity to engage in policy issues,

3. Advancing scientific research and discovery in health sector,

4. Advancing continuous professional development (CPD) and

5. Play tangible role in advancing medical ethics and medico legal issues.


Strategic Pillars that are Part of Support Functions

1. Restructuring EMA and capacitating the secretariat office,

2. Initiation and finalization of council formation,

3. Expediting the realization of EMA house,

4. Restructure and advance the resource mobilization strategies and

5. Actively engage in advocacy and relationship management.




EMA envisions seeing a healthy and prosperous Ethiopian community with access to quality health services.


EMA’s mission is to:

  • Ensure that the community gets quality heath service and care;
  • Promote the highest standards in medical education, science, art and practice and
  • Ensure the rights and benefits of medical professionals (doctors) and act as their voice.

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