Annual Review Meeting of CPD Providers Highlights Commitment to Quality Healthcare

The annual review meeting of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) providers accredited by the Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) has been held at Addis Ababa. The meeting served as a platform for CPD providers to share their experiences, discuss challenges, and present the work they have undertaken since their accreditation.
During the review meeting, CPD providers accredited by EMA had the opportunity to showcase the initiatives they have undertaken since receiving their accreditation. They also discussed the challenges they have faced in delivering effective CPD programs. This exchange of experiences fostered a collaborative environment where providers could learn from one another and explore potential solutions.
CPD providers actively participated in the meeting, raising relevant questions and offering valuable suggestions based on their practical experiences.
By organizing the annual review meeting, EMA has demonstrated its commitment to upholding the highest standards of professional development for healthcare providers. This collaborative effort ensures that CPD providers are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge.