57th Annual Medical Conference

Call for Abstract
Theme: Ethiopia’s Health Care System Preparedness and Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic

- Public health interventions
- Clinical case management of covid-19
- Health workers safety and protection

Format of the abstract

- Title
- Background / Objective
- Methodology
- Result
- Conclusion

Format of the abstract

- Title
- Description of the case
- Conclusion / Discussion


Join us March 6th/2021 as we donate blood to save lives, The Ethiopian Medical Association is hosting its annual blood donation with the Motto ‘Blood Should circulate’

We are kindly invite you to come to EMA secretariat office in b/n 8:30am – 05:30pm on Saturday/March 6th.

Be a part of the day as we contribute to a noble cause whilst networking among esteemed members.

Please Click here to Register first

N.B- we’d like to thank Wudassie Diagnostics Center for covering the refreshments for the day.