Benefit and Responsibility



  • Have priority to participate in trainings , workshops and any scientific sessions delivered to physicians
  • Have an access of online Continuous Medical Education & CPD courses provided by the association.
  • A mandate to Legal Advisory while he/she needs in related to a professional context especially medico legal
  • Receive each Ethiopian Medical Journal publication quarterly bases free of subscription fee
  • Participate in EMA’s Annual Medical Conferences
  • Any other benefits related to consultancy, Job opportunities and other professional agreements which are organized by the association.
  • Requesting letter of membership and recommendation for their contribution to the Association.
  • Have a right to vote and to be elected as member of executive board
  • Get a chance of participating in moderating and facilitating of scientific sessions (conferences, panel discussion ,paper presentations ,etc)


  • Have a right to participate in any conference, scientific discussion and seminars prepared by the association
  • Form a bilateral plat form to facilitate their strategic activities with the association
  • Take part to publish their research output associated with vision and mission of Ethiopian Medical Journal.
  • Get a priority offer of Promotion while they need to participate as a sponsorship package or exhibition rent request on the annual conference program


  • Training
  • Publication
  • Consultancy
  • CME


  • Participate in trainings carried out by the association
  • Research publication access disseminated by EMA
  • Unlimited access of online courses provided by the Associations
  • Free online access Ethiopian Medical Journals


  • Has right to participate to each trainings deliver to physicians
  • And all the benefits that regular/ordinary members are entitled of


  • They will not be asked for membership fee
  • Recognition certificate from the association
  • Be invited as a guest to EMA annual conference, International health and wellness exhibition and Gala dinner

Responsibility of members

  • Providing requested address in the membership to simplify the access to membership benefits
  • On time payment of membership annual fees (Except for life time and Honorable Members)
  • Notification of information as soon as requested while there is a training access, conference ,CME and other benefits /since first comes first served
  • Participate in all EMA’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities up on request (Except for Honorable members)