Types of Membership


An individual licensed to work as medical doctor within Ethiopia, willing to comply with the membership regulations stated in the bylaw of the Ethiopian Medical Association.

Annual Membership fee: 500 Birr only


These are medical Schools, hospitals, clinics or other institution   that manufacture, sell, parametrical medical or equipments or have a business-related activity involved with medical services.

Annual Membership Fee: 10,000 Birr and $2,000 USD for international organizations


These are any licensed health care workers practicing in Ethiopia such as Nurses, Mid wives, Pharmacists etc.

Annual Membership fee: - 300 Birr only


This includes those internship students following their program both at the government and private Medical schools.

Annual Membership fee: - 100 Birr


An Individual who graduates from recognized medical university and college both domestic and international institute accepted by legal ground of the country and an individual who works in Ethiopia’s medical doctor,at Government or/and private medical facilities and NGO’s.

Membership fee: onetime payment of 5,000 Birr(ten years of ordinary membership fees) once for life time


These are Physicians who has achieved prominence in the profession of medicine. Honorary members can attend EMA meetings however, cannot vote or hold office and receive publications of the EMA except by subscription. Honorary members are not subject to dues or assessments. Honorary Membership may be conferred on persons who are distinguished in public life or who have rendered meritorious service to the medical profession or to this Association and Physicians who have been elected as Executive committee member for three terms.

No membership fee