“Protecting health care workers, an urgent call for action”
The Ethiopian Medical Association is proud to have contributed to the successes of COVID-19 HR Emergency response project in partnership with Resolve to save lives, an initiative of vital strategies,
We are proudly sharing our contributions for our countries response to COVID-19 HR emergency response, highlighted below-
-Standardization of COVID-19 training materials through active participation of our members and sister associations
-Provision of TOT on COVID-19 for 608 health care workers.
-Provision basic training on COVID-19 for 4295 Health workers all over the country.
-Baseline PPE availability data collection using standard checklist to aid distribution of PPE by Resolve and MOH.
-Webinar series on IPC promotion and facilitation
Through these activities EMA also had the opportunity to further strengthen preexisting partnership with professional associations; We’d like to thank all those who partook in each activities through the provision of TOT and cascading it as well as for providing expert input from the initial steps of material development to provision of trainings.

It is known that the Ethiopian Medical Association was closely following ERMP- 2021 related concerns,the steps taken in addressing the matter are listed below,
-EMA established a 6-member investigation committee composed of medical education and assessment experts from various specialties
-The committee held a meeting with MOH higher officials and ERMP team.
-The ERMP team provided brief presentation on the overall process of the exam development cycle, exam administration and complaints filed by examinees followed by question and answer session to further discuss and clarify specific issues
-The EMA Committee set out a plan to investigate
the complaints and acted upon them.
-Compared the allegedly reported as “leaked items” with the current exam (ERMP-2021).
-Checked previous exams (ERMP-2019/2011 E.C.) and the question bank to identify source of the exam items.
-Checked overall score of candidates across all hubs to indirectly assess impact on score results.
-Inquired about the exam development and review process.
-Checked all the 200 MCQs items on ERMP-2021 one by one for accuracy of answer key and clarity of the question.
-Tested the Moodle for accuracy of scoring by reshuffling options/choices on sampled exam items.
-Reviewed reports from different testing hubs
-Discussed with the IT to identify a weak link in the exam security.
-Compiled its findings and generated recommendations to MOH.

Ethiopian Medical Association is proud to have contributed in a scientifically sound manner to the investigative process.Once again we’d like to thank our member physicians who are experts in Medical Education and our IT consultant for swiftly addressing ERMP associated concerns through a holistic approach.

Find below a press release by MOH


Ethiopian Medical Association would like to thank all those who took time to respond to ERMP 2021 related requests.
Emails from ERMP candidates were received until 5pm Jan 12/2020,and were promptly communicated to the investigation committee as per request.
We are awaiting further updates which will be posted on our social media outlets.
Interesting discussions organized by the Ethiopian Medical association in collaboration with Presise consult on January 5th 2020.

Are you a health care provider interested in infection prevention and control? then follow the link and join a series of webinars by ICAN and WHO AFRO.



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