Dr Bezawit Alemu

Dr.Bezawit Bezabih is a Medical Doctor with over eight years of experience in Public Health advocacy and Project implementation. Currently, Dr.Bezawit is the Project manager at Ethiopian Medical Association’s Health Workforce Improvement Program. She has served her country as an educator and a mentor whilst working at regional university hospital,where she delivered tertiary education to Health Science Students.

Dr.Bezawit has ample advisory and implementational skills which she portrayed working as regional clinical advisor for the elimination of malaria at an international NGO (ICAP at Columbia University in Ethiopia).

She is the instigating president at the Ethiopian Medical Association Dessie branch, where she has undertaken most of the formational work needed to establish the branch. She has also contributed immensely to the initiation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in the association . Dr.Bezawit strives towards improvement of health systems through advocating for evidence-based approaches.