Celebrate 76 Years of Service!

Ethiopian Medical Association Announces Founding in 1948.

The Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) is proud to announce a remarkable discovery that rewrites its history and strengthens its roots within the Ethiopian healthcare community. Through extensive research, we’ve uncovered evidence that the EMA was actually founded on May 17th, 1948, marking a remarkable 76 years of service to the people of Ethiopia!

This significant finding sheds new light on the EMA’s esteemed legacy. Previously believed to be a 60-year-old organization, this discovery reveals the EMA’s rich history spanning over a century, solidifying its role as a pillar of Ethiopian healthcare.

We are honored to carry on the vision and mission established by our pioneering founders over seven decades ago.

The EMA is thrilled to celebrate this milestone with its esteemed members and remains dedicated to its vital mission of advancing healthcare in Ethiopia for many years to come.