EMA Gondar Branch Holds Productive Revitalization Meeting!

Gondar Branch of the Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) recently held a meeting to refresh their operations. With 39 attendees, the gathering featured an insightful presentation by Dr. Bahiru Bezabih EMA Member of Executive board and robust discussions.

Participants expressed enthusiasm for growing the EMA and provided valuable suggestions:

Regularly inform hospitals, medical schools, and the public about EMA’s activities on social media

– Increase collaboration with other healthcare professional associations

– Develop appealing membership benefits to attract and retain members

This revitalization meeting lays the groundwork for a stronger, more dynamic EMA Gondar Branch – poised to better serve the local medical community.

Ethiopian Medical Association is committed to supporting its members and improving patient outcomes in the region. This renewed focus will help the association achieve its goals and elevate the standard of care.