Ethiopian Medical Association holds Joint press conference

EMA deliver a short presentation with the title of “Unhealthy diet and diabetes/NCDs” On half day panel discussion event organized by EDA in coordination with EMA, at Mado hotel. On her Presentation, Dr. Zelalem, indicated that unhealthy diet are the main risk factor that expose to obesity which leads to diabetes and NCDs.

She also indicated that NCD are increasing in urban areas due to the fact that the people on those areas shifted their sources of food to processed and ultra-processed food that doesn’t have a proper labeling and contained high sodium, fat and Trans-fat.
Besides, malnutrition at early age, make people very susceptible to contract diabetes and NCDs during their adulthood; such trend is quite normal in Ethiopian case. Hence, government has to give a very curious attention to the extent of having new policy to protect the community from such unhealthy diet exposures.

Dr. Mussei; representative from MoH indicated that Ethiopia is among top ten country in the Africa with prevalence of Diabetes. What makes the situation worse is almost 70 percent of people have no idea that they are living with diabetes. Hence, they often came to medication after the disease push them to edge where many of the damage become irreversible.

During the occasion a young female witness, Mariamawit, narrated her experience; what it seems to live with diabetes. She insisted that disciplined healthy living, confidence, continues follow-up are some of her motto to lead her life. “Never exaggerate the disease nor undermine it; have a courage to lead healthy life” she concluded.

Other presenters also delivered presentations on issues such as: Complications of diabetes with CVD, kidney, Covid 19. They also show what measure has to be taken to protect and reduce the impacts.

On the other hand participants from various sectors forwarded question, to panelist. Issues such as the importance of having Unhealthy diet control policy, working in partnership to strengthen efforts towards preventing NCDs, are among the questions raised and discussed.