The Ethiopian Medical Association presents the 2024 Young Influential Physicians Award to Dr. Atalel Fentahun

Dr. Atalel Fentahun Awedew is a highly accomplished surgeon, researcher, and educator with a passion for improving healthcare in Ethiopia and beyond.

Transformational Leadership:

* As an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Debre Tabor University, Dr. Atalel implemented significant improvements to the School of Medicine’s structure, enhancing its global recognition.

* He played a key role in registering the university for the World Directory of Medical Schools, a prestigious distinction.

Exceptional Patient Care:

* Dr. Atalel is known for his exceptional empathy, respect, and compassion towards patients, fostering a positive and supportive environment.

* He fosters strong working relationships with colleagues, creating a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere.

Award-Winning Educator:

* Dr. Atalel utilizes innovative teaching methods, including Problem-Based Learning and Case-Based Discussions, to effectively educate future medical professionals.

* His thorough student evaluations ensure a well-rounded understanding of medical knowledge and application.

Groundbreaking Researcher:

* Dr. Atalel has published over 27 articles in renowned journals, focusing on surgical health, cancer epidemiology, and global surgery.

* His research on the global burden of benign prostatic hyperplasia has garnered widespread attention, raising awareness about this critical public health issue.

* He is actively involved in national epidemiological studies and leads the groundbreaking EthioSOS project, evaluating surgical outcomes and accessibility across Ethiopia.

Champion of Evidence-Based Medicine:

* Dr. Atalel serves as an academic editor for prestigious journals and actively participates in peer review processes, promoting research excellence.

* He is leading efforts to establish a Cochrane center in Ethiopia, facilitating evidence-based healthcare practices.

* His collaboration with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) contributes valuable data for policymakers and clinicians.

Dr. Atalel Fentahun Awedew’s dedication to surgical education, research, and public health makes him a true leader in his field. His commitment to improving healthcare in Ethiopia and beyond is truly inspiring.